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Here are some things you need to consider before using storage shed plans to build your own outdoor storage shed.

If you’re inexperienced in shed building, it is essential to have all the materials and tools you need, as well as storage shed building plans ready before you begin the project. Here are some important questions you need to answer before you even start drawing up your garden shed plans, in order to build the right shed for your requirements in the right way:

1. What is the purpose of the shed?
It might be that you’ve decided to build a shed to store garden tools and equipment. It’s always best to have a very clear idea about what your storage shed is going to store – will it just be gardening stuff of will other members of the family be putting toys, bikes and maybe even Christmas decorations in it?

2. How big does it need to be?
Once you’ve decided what the shed will be used for, you need to work out how big a shed you will need to accommodate the things you’re going to put in it. It’s best to plan ahead, that is, you might find you have a larger collection of gardening tools in 2 years than you have now and your outdoor storage shed plans should reflect this, after all you don’t want to have to build it all over again.

3. Where is the shed going to be located?
You need to decide exactly where you’re going to put the shed so that it’s easily accessible and won’t mean treading on the flowers to get to it. It’s really important to get the placement of your shed right first time before you think about putting together your storage sheds plans. Moving a shed without damaging it is no easy task. The next thing to assess is whether your shed will fit in the location you have chosen, based on the size of shed you require.

4. Does your shed need to be waterproof and/or insulated?
Depending on what you are planning to put in your storage shed, it might need to be water proof, for example to protect gardening tools from the rain or even insulated against the cold if you’re planning to use the shed as a place to sit and relax from time to time.

5. Will you need to obtain a building permit before construction begins?
Before completing your garden sheds plans you must be aware of any local legislation relating to construction of sheds and outhouses. Imagine putting your shed up only to be told by a local official that you need to take it down again – not nice. Usually a shed which is within a certain size range will not require you to submit a building permit. However, if you need to build a shed larger than the size range for which a permit is not required make sure you submit one before you start the finer details of your storage shed building plans.

6. How much can you afford to spend on building your shed?
It is very important to include expected costs in your storage sheds plans as your available budget limits exactly what you can build. You need to evaluate all relevant factors which will determine the total cost including construction materials such as wood, screws, insulation, wood treatments and roof materials as well as tools and transport costs.

7. How are you going to create your garden shed plans?
Now that you are aware of your shed’s purpose, size and location in addition to the budget you have available you can start to put together a detailed storage shed plan.

There are a number of resources available to you for this task both online and offline. For example you can check online or visit your local hardware store. However, I would recommend downloading a set of detailed, easy to follow shed plans by clicking here or on the banner below to visit Ryan Shed Plans where you can get instant access to 12000 easy-to-follow shed and woodworking plans.

Woodworking and garden sheds plans

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